In New York City, many people have aspirations to break into the glitz-and-glamour world of show-business (acting, modeling, producing, procuring record labels, etc.). Generally, all deals are memorialized in writing in an in-depth legal contract. The language of the contract is often arcane and difficult to understand, and many terms of the contract must be negotiated to each party’s satisfaction.

Contract law and the law of agency are intricately tied together in this practice area, and it is very important for an actor, actress, musician, model, or any other aspiring entertainer to fully understand the nature of the contract that he or she is entering into.  Contracts are legally binding documents that can be enforced in a court of law.

The powerhouses of show-business have experienced attorneys protecting their best interests, which makes it imperative for new talent to enlist the assistance of an attorney to ensure that his or her best interests are served, and to ensure that the parties negotiate at arm’s length. During my employment with Mel Sachs, I met agents, journalists, radio talk show hosts, and musicians; each of these individuals needed help in drafting, negotiating, revising, and understanding contract(s) that they had either entered into or that were proposed to them.

Show-business, for better or for worse, is very competitive, and the power players often take advantage of the less experienced. Using my law degree and my M.B.A., I can leverage my experience working with Mel Sachs to ensure that my clients will get what they are bargaining for – and nothing short of that.


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